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You explore a small MetroidVania cityscape about 1/12th the size of the first Metroid. Seven types of enemies and a giant boss stand in your way. You pick up a selection of 15 random weapons to kill your way up to the boss. AlienVania hits that GameBoy style, resolution, color scheme and even original music with a selection of color pallets including the Virtual Boy.


- MetroidVania map spanning a grid of 19 x 4
- Exploration, secrets, destructible blocks
- 15 guns
- Mega Man - ish play style with bigger guns
- 160 x 144 resolution (is that a feature?)
- 4 colors on screen at once! (your choice of 6 pallets)
- 7 types of enemies & 1 boss fight
- An ending! (our usual work is endless arcade)

Made for the GameBoy 5 jam in 10 days. We had quite a procedural level system going, but with 48 hours to go, we shifted gears and hand made something that would be more enjoyable in the time allowed.


Yes indeed the game was completely remade. It might play similar and it uses the same assets, but it uses the Collector Kyle engine .... with guns. Here is what is actually new:

New from the original game:
- Added new versions of weapons
- Added get a weapon, keep a weapon
- Added weapon ammunition
- Added weapon selection menu
- Added different, but more predictable enemy behavior
- Added solid object outlines, player outlines, enemy outlines, projectile outlines
- Added more color palettes
- Added Auto-look camera to compensate for how tiny the resolution is
- Added vibration and screen shake percentages rather than on and off
- Added slide ability


A game by:

Pixel art from:

Original music composed by:

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Tags2D, chiptune, Game Boy, gamepad, GBJam, mega-man, Metroidvania, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksTwitter, Homepage

Install instructions

This is a stand alone .exe no installation or anything. Watch out for Windows flagging it as a virus. It does that with all .exes.


AlienVaniaX-Remade-Version 18 MB
AlienVania-GameBoy-Jam 4 MB


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That's not a wall you get rid of. Go through the sewer, which you will find back to the left and then a ladder. Also you might want to use a different site to post images that one places an ad right over the image.

Yeah sorry.
Found the solution.
Wasn't about the sewer.
But I could just walk over the platform above that door.

For yome reason I thought that the background object was olid wall (don't ask me why).

Anyways you can go around that wall by going above.

I thought the outside of that building's wall looked like a solid wall as well, so I added the sign saying come own in. However, you can blow up the sign.... :-) But yeah there's a ladder to get over that wall, but I thought you were meaning to get into the room behind the wall, which is through the sewer.

Oh, and it's a cool game by the way :-)

Hm, I'm kind of stuck.
Explored every availlable room.
Only possible way I see is behind this wall:
However I don't know how to get rid of it :-/
Explored anywhere else many times but there simply is no other way. O_o