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Hey there. If I wanted more tilemaps, backgrounds and creatures for this graphics pack and I was willing to pay you would you be interested?

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Sure, what's your email address. We can give this a try. I deleted your email post as I don't want spam bots getting you.

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I really (really) love this tileset and I'd like to use it as the basis for a commercial game but I don't see a specific license attached to it. Is it available to use commercially once purchased?


- Sorry just spotted the license in the download folder. Thanks  


Just realized I forgot to post here when I used this pack for a game jam back in July. It was relatively painful to adapt to RPG Maker but hey, that's on me for using RM for a platformer haha. 

I went for larger maps with a looot more things going on in the background than the examples but it still worked pretty nicely. The only thing I ended up having to add to the pack was I believe death animations for the monsters

Loved using the pack, definitely looking forward to what you'll be making in the future :)

Wow. Thanks for using it and telling me about it! I think this would be the first time it has been used. Someone else recently released a game a few weeks ago, but yours was made months ago. I will check it out for sure and probably add death animations.


Awesome work bro  :) I making game for an Andriod device  using your graphics pack can I put your name as Graphics Developer  in the  Credit section  of a  game?


Sure you can. Thanks. You'd be the first person that I know of to use the graphics pack. It is by far my most viewed and downloaded thing here on


Looks amazing! can't wait to try them out :D