A downloadable game for Windows

Cloud Cover is a simple shmup with limited movement, as in you can only move left and right, but you get a dash to move in an instant to the left or the right. With this being my fourth shmup, I had to make it different, so this is the difference. There are no traditional levels, instead enemies drop randomly until you destroy enough of them to get to the next level. It takes about 20 minutes to see all the content. Then the game loops infinitely.

 - Full controller and keyboard support.
 - Infinite gameplay.
 - 3 lives and a lot of health to combat an intimidating amount of bullets.
 - 10+ items to collect including weapons, magnets, bombs, points, health, and lives.
 - 10+ enemies and 5 bosses.
 - 7+ selectable ships to pilot, each with their own stats.
 - 20+ selectable pilots with their own perks, pros and cons.
 - 3 challenging difficulties.
 - 2 player support with various input methods: both on keyboard, 1 on keyboard 1 on controller or 2 controllers.
 - 6+ songs.

 - A game by: Geoffrey Johnson
 - With music compositions from: Andrea Baroni
 - And sound effects from: Fillippo Vicarelli




Cloud Cover.v.1.8 32 MB