These updates might be out of order, but here's where the game is so far.

With 8 marshmallow enemies and gumdrops finished it was time to make the world they all live in! The world turned out far better than either of us were anticipating and I think that's because less background tiles is more. The background tiles look good, but having interior backgrounds turned each level ugly. Plus it was tough to navigate as it all blended together.

Rather than a simple tileset swap, there are a different number of tiles and arrangement here along with a new cloud system. The entire process was about six hours of programming. With a different color palette, this makes the CloudMallow Cove look and feel different than the previous tilesets. The game is also divided into two sections where the first eleven levels take place with the old tilesets and original enemies and the next ten takes place in the gorgeous CloudMallow Kingdom.

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