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I thought your game was pretty...sweet! Sorry. Easy pun. I made a video of me playing it so I thought I'd share it here! I hope you continue to update and improve the game, as it's a lot of fun and I'd like to see more!

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Hey hey there. Thanks for enjoying the video and the easy pun! There should be a new update coming soon. Nothing major just fixing up stuff I noticed after the game jam like sometimes the background tiles don't generate and there is a larger variety of floor tiles. Dull stuff. Time to watch the video.

After watching the video you found a lot of issues I had not, so I've fixed those and uploaded a new version. :-)

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This game takes the Cake in the indie Ham Jam 2! Quick and fun game-play, colorful candies, and fun tunes ice off this entry. Grab a mountain dew, snort some sugar sticks, and wash down some gum drops. It's all the fuel you will need to assume the role of the cake hero and complete the agenda to annihilate those pretty n sugary fiends.